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Joseph Zarkovich

Let me start with reminding every carrier that drives a postal vehicle of the importance of performing your safety check when starting your tour. This is also known in the Postal Service as doing a “Notice 76 Check.” The reason I am reminding you of this is twofold.

  1. It is part of your base office time. If you do not perform this check and use the time it will reduce the base time for your route.
  2. The postal service is required to provide you with a safe working vehicle to make deliveries. This also means that it must meet the standards for state laws. Flashers and working turn signals along with all brakes should be checked with a buddy. Part of the check is to look for leaking fluid under your vehicle. This should be done by moving your truck out of the space enough to see where leaks might have happened and pull back in space. When you find any problems during you check please fill out a truck repair slip (form 4565) have it signed by you supervisor and make sure to get your copy. You have the right to refuse to drive an unsafe vehicle.

With warmer weather comes children and pets out enjoying the beautiful days and raising our warning flags.

Yours in Unionism,
Joseph Zatkovich
Director of Safety & Health
Merged Branch 86

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