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Middle aged man with a beard, wearing a hat and glasses.
Mario Russotti

I began my Postal career on 2 April 1994. Prior to beginning my postal career I served in the U.S. Army from 14 March 1985 to 13 August 1993. I rose to the rank of Sergeant and I did tours with the 2nd infantry Division, the 102nd Military intelligence Battalion, the 101st airborne division and many others. I am a Gulf War Veteran with many awards and medals and I am honorably discharged. My time in service instilled honor, integrity, discipline, professionalism, pride, accomplishment of the mission, welfare of the troops, and love of God and country. I still carry these attributes with me for they are forever ingrained in my bones.

Now back to my Postal career, I was hired as a PTF letter carrier in New Canaan, CT and worked there until I transferred to Ridgefield, CT in 1996. I became a regular Letter Carrier in 1997.

I got involved with the Union in 2003 as a Shop Steward for Branch 363 in the Ridgefield office. While serving as Branch Steward for Branch 363 I also was the Branch Secretary until the Merger with Branch 86.

After the Merger with Branch 86 in 2008, I continued on as Shop Steward for the Ridgefield office and now the Danbury office with a break as steward from 2015 until 2019. I also held officer positions which included Trustee, Assistant Secretary Treasurer and I stepped in as Sergeant at Arms for a brief period. I am now the Director of OWCP for Branch 86 and I will do, as I have done since I was in the Military, I will do the reading, training, research, and do the best I can to represent the membership.

Mario Russotti
OWCP Director

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