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Secretary-Treasurer, David Rooks
David Rooks

Each Branch or State Association may make, alter, or rescind such bylaws, rules, and regulations from time to time as may be deemed most expedient, providing they do not in any way conflict with this Constitution.

You may submit proposed amendments to bylaws any time during the year. Your proposed amendments must include the current language of the bylaw you are proposing to amend and the new language in BOLD of the bylaw you are proposing to amend.

All bylaw amendments received by the Secretary-Treasurer are to be printed in the first issue Capital City News or mailed to each member of the branch. All proposed bylaw Amendments must be acted on by the membership at the first regular scheduled meeting after they are printed in the Capitol City News or mailed to each member of the branch. If many proposed amendments are submitted, the President — on advice of the Executive Board — may call a special meeting just for this purpose.

The proposed amendments will be discussed and voted on at the first meeting after they have been printed in the Capital City news or mailed to each member.

Proposed bylaw amendments that have been accepted by the membership will then be submitted to National Committee of Laws for approval. Once approval is received the bylaws will be updated with the new language.

David Rooks

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