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Joseph Zarkovich

I hope everyone had the chance to take time to enjoy a summer vacation. I was lucky to attend the NALC National convention in early August with other Merged Branch 86 members. The NEXT GENERATION DELIVERY VEHICLE was on display. After walking around the vehicle it reminded me of items that need to be addressed

As the seasons change, it is a good time to address delivery Hazards and other issues that are more difficult to address as the ground starts to become harder from freezing weather.

I would like to start with addressing some items.

Mounted delivery box:

  • Is a mailbox mounted at the proper height?
  • Can the carrier make the proper delivery without leaning out of the mail truck?
  • Is it located a proper distance from the curb?
  • Can the box be approached without driving off the road or over raised curb?
  • Can you access the mailbox without interference from obstructions? (TREES, SHRUBS, WALLS, VEHICLES, TRASH CANS).

Postal guidelines that customers must follow to receive curb line delivery:

  • The bottom of the mailbox must be mounted at a height minimum of 41″ above the ground level to a maximum 45″.
  • The box placement should be no more than 6″ to 8″ from the raised curb. If no curb the postmaster may need to give guidance.
  • House or apartment number also needs to be placed on the box.

Home delivery:

  • Does the home have an approved mailbox to receive mail?
  • Is the approach to the mail box unobstructed (toys, bushes)?
  • Are any hazards present (animals, uneven walkways, broken steps and or missing railings, insects)?
  • Please remember that as a letter carrier’s we need to work in a safe manner.

Loading Parcels:

Most carriers receive their parcels in a rolling hamper. Too many times carriers are wheeling an over loaded hamper out to their mail truck. I attempt to remind them that it is unsafe to move overloaded hamper (Parcels above the top of the rolling hamper) and to take the excess on a second trip. This is all part of your street time. Use proper lifting techniques. Get help with parcels that have “team lift on them”. Request a hand truck to deliver heavier packages. Many offices will be having route inspections over the next year. Load time is street time. If we don’t take the proper time to load our trucks we will lose it.

Please use the load tool feature and carry your scanner at all times.

Joseph Zatkovich (Safety Joe)
Director of Safety & Health
Merged Branch 86

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