Longer summer hours could increase chance of on the job injury

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Steven Benoit

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

We are coming up on another prime-time summer season. Many of us will be working longer than normal hours throughout the summer. As a result this could increase the chance of an on the job injury.

It is very important that you notify your supervisor as soon you become aware that an on the job injury has occurred and explain to them what happened. Immediately after a phone call should be made to your steward letting him or her know what happened. If medical attention is required the three forms you should get from your supervisor are CA1, CA-16 and CA-17.

When filling out the CA-I it is recommended that you check off the BOX marked COP, so there is no interruption in your pay the first three days you are on the injured employee. For those 3 days you have the option of using sick leave or annual leave. I also suggest you take a blank piece of paper and write down exactly what happened and what body part was injured while it is fresh on your mind.

The CA-16 form is given to the treating facility; this form is used to let the facility know the post office will pay for the services rendered to the injured employee.

The CA-17 form is filled out by the doctor of the treating facility letting the postal service know of any job restriction that resulted from his or her on the job injury. The Doctor MUST SIGN this form. The injured employee must give this form back to the supervisor and in turn the supervisor needs to do a 2499 with the employee. If you agree with the 2499 sign it. If you don’t agree with it sign it in protest, your union steward should be present during this meeting. Then take the 2499 to your doctor and ask him or her if this new modify job offer is within your restriction. You have 30 days after you sign to have your doctor review the 2499.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me right away.

Steven Benoit
OWCP Director

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