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Lou Sklenarik, Western Area VP, Merged Branch 86.
Lou Sklenarik

Technology Integrated Alternate Route Evaluation Adjustment Process is a program to jointly evaluate city carrier routes and to make them as close to eight hours as possible. A program called DSR (Digital Street Review) analyzes one second breadcrumbs to break down everything a city carrier does on the street from the time he or she leaves the office to their return to the office.

Four levels of teams consisting of members from both management and the union will be involved in the entire process. National Oversight Teams, Area Regional Teams, District lead Teams and Route Evaluation Adjustment Teams. Branch 86 has myself and Sue Ugone on Route Evaluation Adjustment Teams. Dave Gagnon is the District Team leader for the union. Tiareap goes through the end of 2023. There are three opt in periods July 2022, October 2022 and May 2023. District Lead Teams will opt in zones based on resources available, teams available, DSR data, representative ps3999’s and data preparation of zones using Carrier Optimal Routing for adjustment purposes.

The route evaluations will consist of seven random weeks of DSR data combined with the jointly selected live week of data. Similar to prior joint processes the evaluated time can be just the live week or under Tiareap the seven weeks plus the live week of data can be selected. Most carriers will receive three consultations if you are working in a zone that has been opted in for inspection. Pre consultation, a minimum of one live week consultation, and an evaluation consultation explaining to the carriers their selected times.

Adjustments will be made accordingly based on all the analysis of the data. Any territorial changes will be derived from the most representative day and the territorial value will be taken from the 399DSR data. A COR technician will be used for the adjustment purposes.

The requirement is to have the adjustments for each zone implemented within 75 days from the end of the live week. Any route or zone adjusted will receive a mandatory review by the district lead team within 90 of the implementation of the adjustments.

Recently signed memorandum of understanding’s M-01982, M-01983 and M-01984 explain the process in detail. Carriers can read the memo’s in full on the NALC app.

Fraternally yours,
Lou Sklenarik, Executive VP
Merged Branch 86

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